male Palawan peacock pheasant

Palawan Peacock Pheasant

Polyplectron napoleonis

CLASS Aves | ORDER Galliformes | FAMILY Phasianidae

RANGE Palawan Island in central Philippines

HABITAT Deep forests

DIET Worms and insects

Avg. 21 oz
Avg. 20 in

Avg. 18 oz
Avg. 16 in

18 - 20 days

2 eggs

IUCN Status
female Palawan peacock pheasant

This ground-dwelling bird is considered to be most beautiful of the peacock pheasants.

The male struts and displays to the female with courtship feeding by spreading the feathers of its lower neck and mantle.

Palawan peacock pheasant chick

Breeding pairs are typically monogamous, and both parents help rear the chicks.