oriental fire-bellied toad

Oriental Fire-bellied Toad

Bombina orientalis

CLASS Amphibia | ORDER Anura | FAMILY Discoglossidae

RANGE Northeastern China, Korea, southern Japan, and southern parts of Russia

HABITAT Mountain ponds and streams at medium to high elevations

DIET Adults feed on invertebrates, including worms, insects, and mollusks

1 - 2 oz

1.5 - 2 in

IUCN Status
Least Concern
oriental fire-bellied toad

Oriental fire-bellied toads are diurnal and highly aquatic. They hibernate from fall to late spring in in groups of one to six individuals. The milky substance secreted by their skin irritates the mouth and eyes of attackers.

When threatened, oriental fire-bellied toads will reveal their colorful underside to warn predators to stay away. They will also hold their limbs up and arch their head in a posture called the "unken reflex."

They are common throughout their range, but the current population trend is decreasing.