Nile crocodile

Nile Crocodile

Crocodylus niloticus

CLASS Reptilia | ORDER Crocodylia | FAMILY Crocodylidae

RANGE Tropical and southern Africa and Madagascar

HABITAT Rivers, freshwater marshes, and mangrove swamps

DIET As an adult, its diet consists mainly of fish, but will also go after huge prey such as young hippos, lions, giraffes, buffalo, and even humans.

Avg. 500 lbs

Avg. 12 - 16 ft

3 months

25 - 80 eggs

IUCN Status
Least Concern
Nile crocodile

The Nile crocodile averages around 500 pounds, but can weigh over 1,600 pounds. Crocodiles are "ectothermic", which means they regulate their body temperature by using the surrounding environment.

If they get too hot, they might gape to release heat through their mouths, or slide back into the water.

Nile crocodile

It mainly takes its prey when they are at the water's edge, but it will also launch itself onto land in pursuit of a potential meal.

If baby crocodiles are in danger, the mother may pick them up and flip them into her mouth or throat pouch for protection.