corn snake

Corn Snake

Pantherophis guttatus

CLASS Reptilia | ORDER Squamata | FAMILY Colubridae

RANGE Southeastern United States

HABITAT Sandy pine woods, wooded groves, rocky hillsides, meadowlands, corn fields

DIET Rodents, bats, birds, lizards

Avg. 2 lbs

1.5 - 6 ft

60 - 65 days

10 - 30 eggs

IUCN Status
Least Concern
corn snake

The corn snake is a non-venomous snake that gets its name from the color of the underside that resembles speckled Indian corn. It is considered the farmer's friend because it eats pests to crops such as birds, rats, and mice.

Hatchlings are 10 to 15 inches long and mature in 18 to 36 months.

corn snake

They are considered a species of special concern in Florida because they face habitat loss and destruction in the lower Keys.