broad-snouted caiman

Broad-snouted Caiman

Caiman latirostris

CLASS Reptilia | ORDER Crocodylia | FAMILY Alligatoridae

RANGE Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay

HABITAT Mangroves, marshes and swamps

DIET Insects and crustaceans when small; water snails, fish, mammals, and birds as it grows

Avg. 6.5 ft

63 - 70 days

20 - 50 eggs

IUCN Status
Least Concern
broad-snouted caiman

This species is also known as the broad-nosed caiman. It has an extremely short snout; the snout is nearly as wide at the eyes as it is long.

Adults are pale olive green; older animals are nearly black. Juveniles are brownish olive, with dark stripes on the back and dark blotches on the head and sides of the lower jaw.

The broad-snouted caiman is a mound-nesting species. Eggs are laid in two layers, separated by vegetation.

broad-snouted caiman

Habitat destruction is currently the greatest threat to this species. It was exploited for its hide, which yields a high-grade leather, especially in the middle 20th century.