Capital Projects


Festival Plaza
As the venue for many special events and activities held at the Zoo, the stage and entertainment area play an important role in continuing the Zoo's mission. The beautiful Festival Plaza includes colorful shade sails, a brick-lined memorial courtyard, and a renovated performing stage.

Now Open

Land of the Jaguar
Land of the Jaguar, a renovation of the South American area, includes the oldest section of the zoo. The exhibit will immerse visitors in a unique environment created with giant rocks, rivers, waterfalls, lush vegetation and South American structures as they journey through the Mayan ruins of Central America, the Amazon rainforests, and end up at the edge of the Andes Mountains.

Future Projects

African Experience: Phase II
African Experience: Phase II will be located in the northwest corner of the Zoo, and a boat ride through the exhibit will be an alternate way to view the animals. Like the Louisiana Habitat Exhibit, The African Experience was designed with a basic cultural and animal theme to attract tourists. Animals will include giraffes, zebras, pygmy hippos, meerkats, okapi, bongo, and many others. An area under an African-themed pavilion will also be available for rental for private parties, etc. The African Experience conceptual plan was developed by Zoo Director, Les Whitt, and the David L. Manwarren Corporation of California. (There is no time frame for this project.)

Playground Renovation
This popular play area for kids and rest area for adults, was installed in 1997. The renovation will include a new picnic pavilion for parties, events and rentals, a secured vending area for drink and food machines, updated restrooms, and the addition of play equipment suitable for a more diverse age group. The introduction of a water feature such as a brook for wading, will encourage adult participation as well. By incorporating natural elements, kid friendly landscaping, recycled materials, and composite structures, this renovation will spark new interest in exploring the wonders of nature as a family. (There is no time frame for this project.)