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Know Before You Go

Download the Know Before You Go booklet, an educator's guide to a successful field trip.

Checklist For Your Visit

  • Visit has been scheduled in advance with the zoo office by completing the Group Visit Reservation Form.
  • Zoo Field Trip Confirmation Form has been received by email or fax.
  • Read through the educational opportunities to see the possibilities for your students. Call 318-441-6810 with any questions.
  • Education program (if desired) has been scheduled in advance with the zoo's Education Department.
  • Payment arrangements have been confirmed with the zoo.
  • Students and adults have school IDs or name tags.
  • Students and chaperones have been prepared in advance. Rules have been discussed.
  • If the class will be divided into groups, prepare an information sheet for chaperones. Inform them of lunch plans, education programs, and planned departure with meeting locations and times. Include important contact numbers and keep a head count.
  • Lunch/snack arrangements have been made.
  • 1 chaperone for every 10 children (all ages).
  • Zoo office has been informed of any special needs.
  • Money has been collected from chaperones and parents, if entering with the class, so that they may receive the group rate.

Education Animals

These animals are part of the Zoo's education animal collection located in Education Building B and are available for "up-close" animal encounters: box turtle, blue-tongued skink, red-footed tortoise, eclectus parrot, sun conure, American alligator, iguana, Honduran milk snake, ball python, African hedgehog, tegu, corn snake, and Burmese python.

Zoo Rules for Visitor & Animal Safety

  • No running or yelling at animals.

  • Visitors must stay on the sidewalk at all times. Do not EVER cross ropes, fences, or other barriers.

  • No throwing, spitting, or poking items at animals.

  • Please do not feed the animals - they are on special diets. (Fish food is to feed the koi only!) Please do not bring food in the zoo to feed the fish.

  • Do not put hands inside fences or enclosures.

  • Please instruct children to be careful not to drop pencils, crayons, papers, water bottles, or other items into animal exhibits. Staff members are not always available immediately to retrieve these, and foreign objects can cause injury or even death to the animals.

  • The Zoo is a smoke-free facility.

  • Children, regardless of age, must be accompanied by adult chaperones for the duration of the visit.

  • Children should not remove shoes even on the playground.

  • Have a good time.

Education Links

Click here for a list of resource websites.