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Red River Hogs

Hog Wild
These porcine beauties are the most gorgeous members of the pig family and one of the most colorful mammals. "Lobaye" and "Sokoto" the red river hogs are very playful and adventurous. They enjoy spending their day playing in the mud, rolling around in fresh hay, and chasing squirrels. Sometimes their adventurous spirits can get them into mischief. These wild hogs like to play tug of war with the water hose while their zoo keeper is trying to clean their pool.

Family Guy
"Lobaye" and "Sokoto" parented the first red river hogs born at the Alexandria Zoo. Two males and a female were born on October 22, 2008 and three males and a female were born July 19, 2009. All of the piglets have been sent to other zoos.

Red river hog males play an active role in caring for and defending their young. Lobaye has been an excellent father to both litters. When Sokoto would need a break and started nudging the piglets to give her some space, Lobaye would step in. The playful piglets would follow him back and forth across the exhibit, all in a line. Lobaye would watch over them until Sokoto was ready to nurse them again.

Status in the Wild
The wild population of the red river hog is listed as Least Concern by the IUCN Red List. They are relatively widespread throughout their range, but have had some population declines in some localized areas.

Where in the Zoo?
"Lobaye" & "Sokoto" are on exhibit near the Palm Cafe.