Beastly Beat
Norm & Chloe the Anoa

This miniature Asian water buffalo is endangered and very rare in zoos. The Alexandria Zoo is one of only 10 AZA facilities in North America that house Anoa. In their native habitat of Sulawesi (Asia), anoa live in swamps, forests, and jungles. Although considered lazy, this animal can be aggressive and precautions have to be taken before entering the yard. Anoa are plant-eating herbivores. They eat foods like apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, and hay.

Bales of hay are given to the anoa as behavioral enrichment. They love to roll around in it and throw it in the air.

When the Alexandria Zoo celebrated its annual "Zoo Day" on June 27, 2009, zoo guests were treated to an extra special surprise. Chole gave birth to her third offspring, healthy baby named "Scorch", during the afternoon of the event. Zoo staff and visitors had the opportunity to watch the baby anoa's first steps in the exhibit.

Norm and Chloe's first baby was born in 2006. The second baby anoa was born in early 2008, and was named "Freeze" by his area zookeeper because he was born on one of the coldest mornings in February. It was around 29 degrees! After Freeze was born, he and Chloe, were separated from Norm, the dad, for safety reasons. The first two baby anoa are now at other facilities.

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