Red River Hog
Potamochoerus porcus

CLASS: Mammalia
ORDER: Artiodactyla
FAMILY: Suidae

25-30 inches long

Africa, Gambia to E Zaire south to the Zaire River/Kasai River

Rainforests, preferably near rivers and swamps

Wild - Roots, tubers, fruits, bird eggs, reptiles, and carrion
Zoo - Herbivore diet, hay, sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots

Body is reddish brown to russet with a white dorsal crest. Head is elongated, blackish in color, with white brows, cheek tufts, and jaw line. Ears have long white tassels. Coat is short except jaws and flanks. Tusks are short and sharp. Tail is long and thin.


  • Usually found in groups called sounders
  • Nocturnal
  • Swim well
  • Root for food with their snout

Litters of varying size are born from February to March. Young are striped pale yellow and dark brown. At 3 months the stripes fade to a rufous coat with a black and white dorsal crest.

Not threatened. In some areas of its range the population is stable. In the western part of its range it has become scarce to rare due to hunting for use as bush meat and loss of forests.

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