Maned Wolf
Chrysocyon brachyurus

CLASS: Mammalia
ORDER: Carnivora
FAMILY: Canidae

Approx. 3 feet at shoulder. Approx. 55 lbs.v

Central and eastern South America including northern Argentina, south and central Brazil, eastern Bolivia, Paraguay, southeastern Peru.

Grassland and scubland, also in agricultural areas. Found in a great variety of habitats, all open. Not found at high altitudes or in rain forests.

Wild - Omnivorous -- small mammals, birds, foliage, fruit and insects; Prey on domestic stock is very limited. Chickens frequently attacked. (May occasionally include newborn lambs, young pigs, and very rarely carrion.)

Zoo - Prepared meat diet for canines, fruits, vegetables

Immediatley recognized by its extremely long limbs, long bushy fur, and large ears. (Often described as a red fox on stilts.) The coat is a reddish yellow and there is an erect mane. The feet are black; darker color starts at the nape of the neck and runs down the back. The muzzle and legs are dark, sometimes almost black. The tail is usually dark, but may be light, even white.

Nocturnal. Facultatively monogamous: a mated pair will share a territory, but rarely found in association.


  • Mating -- December to June, peak in May - June.
  • Gestation period 62 - 66 days. Average number in litter 1 - 5. Reaches sexual maturity at 1 year; doesn't breed until second year.
  • Single parent usually cares for pups. Pups are born in a natal nest usually located in thick brush. The den is above ground, often in the crevice between rocks.

ENDANGERED. Threats include disease (parvovirus), conflict with humans (hunting), habitat loss, may be kept as pets in Argentina. Fur not highly valued; pelt and flesh unusable.