Moluccan Red-flanked Lorikeet
Charmosyna placentis intensior

ORDER: Psittaciformes
FAMILY: Loridae

6.75 inches in height

The Moluccas, Kai and Aru Islands, through New Guinea and adjacent islands to Bismark Archipelago and Bougainville Island in the Solomon.


Lowland forests and savannah

Wild - Pollen, nectar and soft fruits
Zoo - Nectar of apple juice, honey, seeds fruit


  • Male -- general plumage green, yellowish on under parts; forehead and forecrown greenish-yellow; dark blue patch on rump; lores (area between eye and base of bill), cheeks and upper throat dull red; ear coverts violet blue; flanks and sides of breast red; yellow beneath tail yellow, lateral feathers marked with red and black; bill red; iris yellow or orange; legs orange.
  • Female -- forehead and forecrown green; red makings replaced by green; ear coverts dull bluish black streaked with yellow
  • Immatures -- like females, but males have some red on lores, greenish yellow on forehead


  • Small size and green coloration make it inconspicuous, so it may be more common than otherwise
  • Small flocks can be seen feeding in flowering or fling from one tree to the next; flight is swift and direct
  • In flight voice is shrill screech, while feeding it is more a shrill chattering

2 - 3 eggs laid in fall and winter, little is known of the nesting habits

CITES App.II; common; not heavily collected for the pet trade as it does not do well in captivity

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